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Espionage 3 protects you even if you’re forced to give up your master password by giving you the ability to have multiple master passwords, each protecting an isolated set of folders. Every protected folder can also advertise completely different data, depending on whether it’s locked or unlocked.

Espionage enhances the deniable encryption of previous versions by creating a random number of convincing fake encrypted disk images and a random number of fake Folder Sets (a Folder Set is a group of encrypted folders protected by a master password. You can have as many of these as you want, each having a unique password).

Fake disk images and fake Folder Sets have the potential to make it virtually impossible to tell whether a user has shown you all of their encrypted data. The fake data looks just like the real data, and they have even taken pains to ensure that all of the files inside of the fake disk images have random (and convincing) timestamps on them.

This program is great for journalists, academics, activists, and laypersons who want to encrypt their data and ensure plausible deniability.  Plausible deniability is possible with Espionage because you and they don’t know how many of the encrypted disk images are real or fake.  You can say that you have only one folder set when in actuality you have three.  There is no way to prove you have three, five or ten.  If you are in a dangerous position and are forcefully demanded to give up your password, you can enter in a benign folder set password with information that won’t put you or others in danger.  That is why this is a great program to have in the field or if you deal with sensitive information.

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